Josanne DeNatale

Building Educational Brands with Content & Marketing Strategies

Welcome! This content is for you—the intrepid, talented, hard-working marketing and communications professional dedicated to serving educational institutions. I’m here to amplify the good work you are already doing by helping you maintain your focus, renew the joy that comes from collaborating and—most of all—create amazingly good content. Together, we’ll honor your school’s mission and advance its brand. Let’s go!

Effective Stories Take Risks

Improving storytelling is not just a simple matter of ensuring the college or university is portrayed as a catalyst or important ‘character’ within each story. It’s also about being bolder, braver, and more willing to create tension.

Use Your Brand to Fuel Your Content and Your Heart to Tell a Great Story

Is your campus team hard at work managing your brand? If so, you’re likely making decisions about what content to produce to feed your marketing campaign. If you’re like most schools, you’re in the mode of collecting stories about the impressive accomplishments of students who then go on to do great things.

How Community Partnerships Enhance a College’s Brand

The research phase of a brand equity study involves discussions with community partners, those many groups and individuals who work with colleges on mutually beneficial initiatives in support of student success and regional economic development.

Before You Share Your Story, Listen to Theirs

Institutions across the U.S. have adjusted just about every aspect of their operations as they respond to the effects of COVID-19. How they market themselves must change, too. Here’s how to adjust your college’s content strategy for the new recruitment season.